Case 2 (Robbie Raccoon)

Following the success of my first code cracking activity, I decided to develop a second version. This includes a new story, 5 new codes and all new code cracking techniques.


Robbie the Raccoon is on the run. Detective Allan from “Pancake And Noodle Detective Agency” (P.A.N.D.A. for short), is travelling the world trying to track him down.

Each time detective Allan visits a new location he sends a postcard back to the agency. Parts of these postcards have been written in code, and the agency need our help to decipher where Allan has been.

In total there are 5 codes that need to be solved. Each will reveal a city Allan has visited, along with a traditional greeting from that country. These can be used to eliminate possible locations from a list and help P.A.N.D.A. track down Robbie the Raccoon.


The activity is designed to be run online, so mainly uses a PowerPoint presentation. Participants just need a pen and some paper to help solve the codes.

There are printable worksheets available (and a map of possible locations so they can cross them out themselves) though these aren’t necessary to run the activity – just useful for those that may wish to print them.

The activity has been designed with a range of age groups in mind. Each code includes a number of additional slides to explain how to crack the code. These can easily be removed/skipped if being used with older sections. For younger sections you could remove the code for the greeting, shortening the activity.


PowerPoint Map Codes
It is also recommended you install this font used by the PowerPoint Presentation
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