Multiple Activity Badges

As some Groups opt to present their badges on a monthly or termly timetable, I have also created a certificate which is designed to list all of the badges that the young person has achieved over a period of time, instead of needing to print individual certificates.

These come in two sizes – A5 (2 per page) and A4 (1 per page). In addition, I also made an additional version in MS Word to maximize the number of leaders who would be able to edit these before printing.


Squirrels A5 PDF A4 PDF MS Word
Beavers A5 PDF A4 PDF MS Word
Cubs A5 PDF A4 PDF MS Word
Scouts A5 PDF A4 PDF MS Word

Note: As the Google Drive version cannot find the correct font, the preview image may look distorted. Please ensure that you have the official Scout font (Nunito Sans) installed in order to use the editable versions once downloaded.