Panda Code Cracking

In June 2020, my brother and I developed a code cracking evening to run with his Cub Pack via a Zoom session. We thought it was a fun resource and have decided to share it for other Groups to enjoy.

Following the success of the first evening, I later developed a second version which includes a different storyline and 5 new codes to crack. None of these reuse the same coding methods, so it doesn’t matter which order you do them in, or how big of a gap you leave between the sessions.


The code cracking sessions are designed to be run online, so mainly uses a PowerPoint presentation. Participants just need a pen and some paper to help solve the codes. There are printable worksheets available though these aren’t necessary to run the activity – just useful for those that may wish to print them.

The activities have been developed to suit a range of age groups. Each code includes a number of additional slides to explain how to crack the message. These can easily be removed/skipped if being used with older sections.


The Cases

Case 1 – Baloo Kidnapped
One of the leaders (Baloo) has been kidnapped and has left a number of coded messages to help identify the kidnapper.

Case 2 – Robbie Raccoon
Robbie the Raccoon is on the run. Detective Allan is travelling the world trying to track him down and sending coded postcards showing us where he has been.

Case 1 Case 2