An investiture / renewal of promise is an important milestone in any Scout’s life and a certificate is a great way to mark the occasion.

The file for each Section contains multiple pages, with each featuring a different variation of the Promise. These include the following phrases:

  • Standard: To love/do my duty to God
  • Alternative: To love our world / uphold our Scout values
  • Muslim: To love/do my duty to Allah
  • Sikh: To love/do my duty to Waheguru
  • Hindu: To love/do my duty to my Dharma

Each section certificate includes a slot to include the name of the Group the young person is being invested into. The Adult version has slightly different wording to allow a role to be entered (e.g. Assistant Cub Leader, District Commissioner etc).

I also received a request for a Welsh version of the certificate. These include English wording, but the standard and alternative promises written in Welsh (provided via the requester).

Downloads (General)

Squirrels Investiture Renewal
Beavers Investiture Renewal
Cubs Investiture Renewal
Scouts Investiture Renewal
Explorers Investiture Renewal
Adults Investiture Renewal

Downloads (Specific)

Sea Scouts Investiture Renewal
Welsh (All Sections) Investiture Renewal