Scout of the …

I have received a number of different requests for certificates to award for the best Scout or Team (Lodge, Six, Patrol) which can be awarded at the end of each Week / Month / Term / Year.

For the shorter periods of time, the certificates have been made at A5 size, to print two per page. For the Scout/Team of the year awards, these have been designed at A4 and include the year for the award. This comes in two different variations – one for each calendar year (e.g. 2021) and another for an academic year (e.g. 2021-2022).

I periodically update these with the current set of years. If you find the version you require has been removed or has not yet been created, feel free to contact me.

The ‘Year’ version includes an additional page featuring a ‘generic’ version using the purple Scout brand. This could be used in scenarios where a single award is shared across all sections in a Group/District.



A5 Certificates (Week / Month / Term)

Squirrels Squirrel Nest
Beavers Beaver Lodge
Cubs Cub Six
Scouts Scout Patrol
Sea Scouts Rating Boat Crew
Explorers Explorer Patrol

A4 Certificates (Year)

2021 2021-22 2022 2022-2023