Logos & Fonts

Whilst creating the certificates for this website I’ve used a range of resources. Below are links to some of these which I feel others might find useful when creating there own certificates.



Section Logos


In May 2018 the Scout Association provided a revised set of Section Logos. Whilst these are available for free via the Brand Centre, I found that they are not always provided in the .png format with a transparent background.

For my certificates I have manipulated the provided images and saved them in the desired format. The download link below provides a .zip file containing a full set to help others that may find these useful.

Download PNG Logos


Faded Logos

Each of the certificates includes a faded logo in the background. These were produced using the official colour for each section and changing the brightness so that the logo doesn’t interfere with the text and complements the original colour.

Below is a link to a .zip file containing all of these logos. This includes single coloured logos for each section and the split colour logos used on the Moving On certificates

Download Faded Logos


Scout Font

Where possible, all of the certificates have been created using the official Scout font called Nunito Sans. This can be downloaded free of charge from the Scout Brand Centre and must be installed prior to editing any certificates:

Download Nunito Sans