Bertie Beaver

Over the past few years The Scout Association have provided their own set of Mascots, but I find the limited selection of poses very restrictive when creating resources for the age group.

I have therefore adopted an unofficial Mascot called ‘Bertie Beaver’.

Found throughout “The Beaver Scout Leaders’ Year Book” published sometime in the 1990s, he dresses up in a large number of different costumes to match the theme of the activities detailed on each page.

I find Bertie a far more versatile Mascot for Beaver Scouts, so I’ve spent time scanning in a range of the images and cleaned them up for use in modern day publications. I take no credit for the designs, but hope my work will allow others to use and share this fantastic set of images with a new generation.



Activity Badges (Pre-2015)



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Challenge Badges (Pre-2015)



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Staged Activity Badges (Pre-2015)



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