Badge Booklet

Following the badge refresh in January 2018 I have produced an updated version of the Badge Booklet.

This booklet includes:

  • Front cover with a slot to add the Beaver’s name
  • An introduction to Activity, Staged Activity, Challenge, Bronze and Joining-in badges
  • Requirements for a selection of Activity Badges*
  • Requirements for a selection of Staged Activity Badges*
  • Diagram to show where the badges should be placed on the uniform.
Booklet 1   Booklet 2   Booklet 4

Included Badges

*Similar to the previous version,this booklet focusses on the badges which Beavers can complete entirely at home. Whilst some of the badges excluded from this booklet may also be achievable outside of normal Beaver meetings, they are often featured in a Colony as part of the programme.

This booklet does not include any of the requirements of the Challenge Badges as these should predominantly be covered by Colony Meetings.

The tables below should which Activity and Staged Activity Badges have been included:

Activity Badge Included Staged Activity Badge Included
Animal Friend Yes Air Activities Stage 1
Book Reader Yes Community Impact No
Builder Yes Digital Citizen Stage 1
Camp Craft No Digital Maker Stage 1
Collector Yes Emergency Aid Stage 1 & 2
Communicator No Hikes Away No
Cook Yes Musician Stage 1 & 2
Creative Yes Nautical Skills Stage 1 & 2
Cyclist Yes Navigator No
Disability Awareness No Nights Away No
Experiment Yes Paddle Sports Stage 1
Explore No Sailing Stage 1
Faith Yes Snowsports Stage 1
Gardener Yes Swimmer Stage 1 & 2
Global Issues Yes  Time on the Water  No
Hobbies Yes
International No
Photographer Yes
Safety No
Space Yes
Sports Yes


Two versions are available for download. The ‘A5 page’ version is saved as a PDF with a single A5 page displayed each time. This is recommended for viewing on a computer or table device if you choose to email it to parents.

The ‘A5 booklet’ version has been saved ready to print as a A5 booklet. Pages should be printed double sided, with the booklet stapled in the middle and folded in half. This version is not recommended for viewing on a computer as the pages will appear out of order.