Welcome Booklet

When a new member joins a section, it can be nice to introduce them to some of the basics of Scouting. To help with this, I’ve produced a generic booklet which covers a range of information which may be useful to a new member (and their family). It includes details on:

  • Scout Sections
  • Neckerchiefs
  • Colony, Lodges & Leader Names
  • Opening/Closing Ceremonies
  • Investiture (and the promise variations)
  • Brief history of Scouting
  • Promise Sign
  • And more!

The resource has been set up as 8 x A5 pages and is designed to be printed on A4 sheets and folded into a booklet. Alternatively you could save it as a PDF for a member to read on a computer or tablet.


This booklet has specifically been design in Microsoft Word (as opposed to all my other resources that are design in Microsoft Publisher). This should allow the majority of Groups to edit the booklet in order to include details specific to your Colony or reorder the information. For this reason, a .doc file is linked below so you can download the editable version without needing to contact me.

Note that the booklet uses the Scout font called ‘Nunito Sans’. When using the MS Word copy some of the header text will appear weird if you don’t have the correct font installed. For details of how to download a copy, see here. Alternatively you can simply highlight the weird text and change the font it uses.


Beavers PDF MS Word Doc
Cubs PDF MS Word Doc

Special thanks to:

  • Ilminster Scouts for producing the Cub version
  • Culbokie Beavers for information from their welcome booklet
  • 16th Bermondsey Scouts for their image on the world membership badge.

Technical note: If using MS Word 2008, ensure you save the booklet in .doc format (not the standard .docx format). There is a bug within MS Word 2008 which prevents the booklet printing correctly when saved as a .docx